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When something goes wrong with a real estate transaction, your financial future could be on the line. This is especially true if you are buying or selling commercial properties, which can lead to serious financial consequences. A dispute can be costly, and without an attorney, you may not have the tools to settle this dispute fairly.

At Stoner Law Offices, LLC, we understand how important your property is, whether you are buying, selling, or renting. Fortunately, the right real estate law firm can help you settle disputes, ensure a property is ready to sell, or ensure you are taking the right steps when buying a property.

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Types of Cases a Real Estate Law Firm Can Handle

Buying or selling property can be complex, and you may find yourself dealing with a legal dispute in which you have no experience. When this happens, the right law offices can be one of the most vital support systems you can seek.

But what exactly can a real estate law firm do for your case? Below are a few claim types we are prepared to handle when you are facing a real estate transaction or dispute:

  • Property sale and purchase

  • Commercial real estate

  • Residential real estate

  • Zoning disputes

  • Title searches

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Main Practice Areas

real estate

Real Estate Law

Representation for any party when buying or selling single-family homes, town homes, condominium units, undeveloped lots, and commercial buildings.

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Construction law

Construction Law

Construction law is a wide ranging discipline that covers all laws dealing with the construction or renovation of property.

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Business law

Business Law

The business attorneys at Stoner Law Offices understand business inside and out. Both attorneys have worked for in-house legal

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How Can a Real Estate Law Firm Help Buyers and Sellers?

Because buying and selling property can be so complex, you may need help getting the tools required to take action for your real estate needs. Without the right tools, making mistakes that can cost you dearly is easy.

Fortunately, your attorney can take the pressure off you. An attorney can gather the right paperwork, review the documents for your sale, and ensure there are no details you are missing out on. For example, if you were buying a house, one of the most important steps an attorney can take is to ensure that there is no lien on the house.

If you are buying or selling and have concerns about your case, reach out for peace of mind and extensive experience that you can rely on today.

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Real Estate

Your Options When Facing a Landlord Dispute

When dealing with a dispute with your landlord, you may be worried about your options as a tenant. Many worry that they do not have the legal support to take action against their landlord. However, you have rights as a tenant that should be protected.

For example, your landlord may be illegally raising the cost of your rent. When this happens, you may have grounds to take action against the landlord.

Likewise, you have a right to safety on your rental property, and the property owner should make repairs. If they fail to repair dangerous conditions in your apartment, you may have grounds to file a case against your landlord. If you have any concerns or questions about your case, do not hesitate to contact one of our attorneys.

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate

As you buy and sell property, you may have questions about how real estate is classified and how that can impact your case. For example, you may be looking into property to invest in. So, what can you expect in each case?

Residential real estate includes homes built for single families and small rentals with only one to four units. These properties are typically built and leased for people looking for a home. That includes families and individuals who are looking to rent or buy.

Commercial property, however, is typically built to attract businesses. That includes offices, retail spaces, industrial spaces, or apartments. This is a non-exhaustive list, and commercial properties can include far more than this. If you seek commercial property, you and other investors may have a broader range of investments.

If you are unsure what your best options are when seeking a new property, contact an attorney to learn more about the specific properties in your area and the legal guidance an attorney can give. We are here to help when you have questions about a real estate transaction.

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Real Estate FAQ

You may be dealing with a complex legal case when buying or selling property. These cases may leave you with many questions about your property and how your lawyer can help your case succeed.

Fortunately, our attorneys are here to help. Reach out for guidance in a consultation, then check out our general questions about real estate law below as you wait for your appointment.

  • What can I do if I am facing a foreclosure on my home?

  • Facing a foreclosure due to missed or late payments can be devastating. This house may be your family home, after all. When this happens, you may have grounds to take legal action to protect your home.

    Talk to our attorneys to determine whether you have grounds to determine whether the lender has the authority to foreclose on your home and your best options to modify your loan or stop the foreclosure.

  • Does a real estate dispute have to go to court?

  • Not all real estate disputes must go to court. Sometimes, the other party may be willing to negotiate with you. They may be just as eager to complete this transaction.

    However, you need legal support when they are not willing to compromise. Your attorney can help you gather evidence in your favor, determine your best options for action, and take your case to court.

  • What are closing costs?

  • When buying a house, you may pay significant fees when closing your mortgage. However, these closing costs cover fees beyond your mortgage. These costs are typically associated with home appraisal or title searches.

    Your costs may vary depending on your property's value, location, and other factors. Your attorney can help you identify how much these costs will add up to before you take action.

Connect with a Real Estate Law Office

When buying and selling property, you may need a little extra legal guidance for your case. Mistakes are easy, and overlooking a single piece of paperwork can devastate your case. Fortunately, you do not have to ensure you take all these steps without guidance.

If you struggle to get answers about your real estate transaction, contact an attorney at Stoner Law Offices, LLC. Your attorney can take action and help you get answers when you are facing a complex case. When you are ready to speak with an attorney, call or fill out our online contact form.


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