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Real Estate Attorney in Philadelphia

Real estate law in Philadelphia can be complex, involving multiple-party disputes, unique property, and more. Stoner Law Offices, LLC represents clients in all areas of real estate law, including transactions and litigation. We offer our clients an expert analysis of Philadelphia real estate law and a professional viewpoint on the best way to proceed.

Stoner Law Offices, LLC real estate retains the training, experience, and skills necessary to win, making us the first choice for clients seeking real estate litigation counsel.

We handle all elements of real estate litigation. We have significant expertise in:

  • Title disputes
  • Reviewing and writing contracts
  • Adverse possession
  • Boundary disputes
  • Easements
  • Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Partition disputes
  • Commercial real estate
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of duty
  • Trespassing
  • Misrepresentation
  • Zoning discrepancies
  • Real estate sales

We advise our real estate clients based on years of experience and understanding of what our clients expect.

Helping clients resolve disputes involving title issues, contractual terms, boundary lines, landlord-tenant issues, and other litigation concerns is the primary focus of Stoner Law Offices, LLC.

Real estate itself can be very particular, and disputes involving real estate typically have more than one party with opposite or differing goals. For this reason, solving real estate disputes involves clearing up complicated issues and determining a winning strategy.

With litigation being the favored tool of choice for parties involved in a real estate dispute, it becomes vital that all parties understand the law pertaining to their case.

Having a competent real estate lawyer in Philadelphia on your team can help offset costs you weren’t aware of. We have the professional expertise that can help you, no matter how complex your issue may be.

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What Is A Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate attorney is a licensed professional who practices real estate law. This means they are knowledgeable and experienced with real estate undertakings and can safely advise and guide you.

Real estate law oversees the sale and purchase of land and any structures on it. This can entail legal issues related to the facilities, such as fixtures or appliances and the property itself. Our real estate attorneys at Stoner Law Offices, LLC., also handle residential and commercial real estate-based litigation.

We have experience resolving real estate litigation cases through trial and the appellate process. We handle title and boundary disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, failed deals, and much more.

Real estate lawyers frequently work behind the scenes. Real estate is a comprehensive field that includes everything from residential and commercial development to foreclosure , eviction, breach of contract, and other disputes. It often involves complex questions regarding tax law, regulations, and Philadelphia law.

Finding a professional real estate attorney can help you resolve costly disputes and is often the best investment you can make.

Navigating the legal terms in contracts can be daunting for even the most well-read person. Having a knowledgeable real estate lawyer by your side will help ensure that you fully comprehend the document and decide what is right for you.

The real estate attorneys at Stoner Law Offices, LLC are well-versed in local Philadelphia real estate law, allowing us to best advocate on behalf of our clients.

Continue reading to learn more about real estate attorneys and how we can help you. If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to us for your free consultation today!

Main Practice Areas

real estate

Real Estate Law

Representation for any party when buying or selling single-family homes, town homes, condominium units, undeveloped lots, and commercial buildings.

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Construction law

Construction Law

Construction law is a wide ranging discipline that covers all laws dealing with the construction or renovation of property.

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Business law

Business Law

The business attorneys at Stoner Law Offices understand business inside and out. Both attorneys have worked for in-house legal

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How Can A Real Estate Attorney Help You?

It is best to consult a real estate lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, who has your best interest in mind, whether you are purchasing, selling, or renting property. Having a real estate attorney by your side can help you prevent costly mistakes and help you navigate the complicated world of contracts and legal documents.

You may need a real estate attorney if you are:

Home buyer

A Home Buyer

When purchasing a home, you will need to review a seemingly endless mountain of contracts and legal documents. The Philadelphia real estate attorneys at Stoner Law Offices, LLC can help you handle these complex issues.

Home seller

A Home Seller

Comparable to property buyers, home sellers must also handle copious amounts of contracts and paperwork. Our real estate lawyers can help you review and draft contracts and ensure they are legally binding and in your best interest.

Property owner

A Homeowner

Homeowners may encounter property disputes, zoning issues, renting and leasing issues, property damage, and mineral rights. As such, the lawyers at Stoner Law Offices, LLC can aid you in confronting these conflicts.

Property renter

A Property Renter

A real estate attorney can help you review your rental agreement and address any potential problems with landlords before signing a lease.



Whether you are a landlord or a renter, ejectment can be complex and require proof that the resident has valid grounds to stay on the property. Your real estate attorney can help you determine if you have a good case for ejectment.

In the case of a real estate dispute, including title or boundary issues, or any issues involving contracts, your real estate attorney will help you resolve the issue.

Your real estate lawyer can also legally represent you if a dispute winds up in a courtroom. They will obtain evidence and facts from all parties involved in the conflict to try to bring it to a resolution. This may include hiring a title company or a surveyor to work through the details.

The Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Law Firm in Philadelphia

At times, people realize they are in dire need of a real estate attorney in Philadelphia. But there are other times when individuals don’t realize that they could benefit from the guidance of a lawyer. For instance, most people are quick to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit for a breach of contract. However, they don’t think to work with a real estate lawyer in Philadelphia when purchasing a new home.

In reality, you should involve an experienced attorney in any real estate deal. No amount of research can protect you from all the potential issues that could arise from your investment. If you truly want protection, you need to work with someone who has extensive knowledge of real estate law in Philadelphia. We have years of qualified involvement with real estate issues, negotiations, and disputes.

What Should You Look for in a Real Estate Law Firm?

If you’re planning on making a real estate transaction, it’s time to start searching for a real estate law firm in Philadelphia. However, you should choose a firm with care. Ask them questions and do research.

As you begin your search, look for all of the following qualities:

  • Experience with real estate law

  • You don’t want an attorney who only handles criminal law to take on your case. Instead, you need a lawyer who has experience with real estate law. Find out what cases a law firm specializes in and whether or not they have handled a case like yours. Don’t be afraid to get specific.

    When you call a law firm, ask them if they’ve worked on a case similar to yours. It might be involving commercial real estate purchases, breach of contract, or any other issue. If the firm has taken on cases like yours, they are better equipped to obtain a positive outcome.

  • A Statewide Law Firm

  • You don’t want an attorney who has never worked in Philadelphia representing your interests. Instead, you need a lawyer who not only has experience with Philadelphia real estate law but is also familiar with your region. Find out what type of cases the law firm specializes in and whether or not they have handled a case like yours.

  • Good communication

  • You need a real estate lawyer who is receptive to your needs and maintains an open line of communication. If you have a time-sensitive matter, you may not be able to wait days or even hours for a response. Ask your attorney how responsive they are to their clients.

Real Estate Law Philadelphia

Whether you are a developer involved in commercial real estate ventures or a homeowner, contractor, or tenant seeking assistance in residential real estate, one of the best decisions you can make is consulting an experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorney.

Here at the law firm of Stoner Law Offices, LLC, we represent clients and assist in matters ranging from commercial disputes to residential issues. We can handle real estate contracts and closing and offer comprehensive representation, including:

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Whether you are seasoned in the commercial real estate industry or are a first-time property renter, the legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC is here to provide you with legal services for virtually every type of real estate matter.

As real estate attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, we are knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, allowing us to offer you the best possible assistance. We are here to help you make and protect your real estate investment.

More Practice Areas:

  • Construction Law
  • Business Law
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Our well-versed real estate attorneys understand common issues and mistakes that may arise from real estate scenarios that we have personally resolved in our years of professional practice.

Our Philadelphia lawyers will help ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and don’t take unnecessary risks. Contact us today for your free consultation. We can discuss your real estate law inquiries, develop a game plan, and help you maximize your real estate investment's potential.

We have experience providing tailored real estate legal services to homeowners, homebuyers, real estate investors, and commercial real estate investors.

Providing A Client-Centered Approach To Real Estate Law

At Stoner Law Offices, LLC, our highly skilled legal team is dedicated to helping you handle complex and nuanced areas of law. In addition, our approach to real estate law allows us to create a legal strategy that addresses our clients' interests.

Stoner Law Offices, LLC offers a wide variety of real estate legal services, including commercial real estate, disputes and litigation, due diligence, real estate sales, and more.

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Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate may include a wide variety of categories, including different types of retailers, office spaces, hotels, malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Stoner Law Offices, LLC represents businesses, developers, and sellers, helping them reach their commercial real estate goals and addressing their needs.

Our real estate lawyers in Philadelphia can help address commercial real estate situations such as construction litigation, financing, development, breach of contract litigation, and purchase or sale of contracts.

Disputes and Litigation

Real estate is an extensive undertaking. As such, problems that arise from real estate buying and selling are often sizable, expensive, and time-consuming. The real estate lawyers at Stoner Law Offices, LLC are here to help you resolve current disputes or conflicts that may arise in the future.

We are here to help you protect your property.

Title Issues and Property Line Issues

Disagreeing with a neighbor about boundary lines can be tense and frustrating. Often, many property line disputes occur when someone tries to put up a fence intended to sit at the property line. Regardless of where your neighbor thinks the property divide is, it is established in legal forms and paperwork.

Your deed is specific about the description of each person’s property. An experienced real estate attorney in Philadelphia can help you determine the best approach to dispute property line issues.

Title issues can be one of the many document issues that arise when purchasing a home or commercial property. Once the home is sold, the terms of the title must be followed to avoid adverse consequences.

Hiring a professional real estate lawyer to help you purchase property enables you to avoid common problems with titles and contracts. Only legal experts retain the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with titles, deeds, contracts, and other documents.

Your competent real estate attorney is seasoned in analyzing issues that can develop with these files, allowing you to sidestep potential headaches. Your property lawyer must examine all your agreements and documents before terms are finalized and the deal closed. While this may extend the timeframe a little, it ensures that you as the homeowner or home seller are protected and have a positive property transaction.

Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to the legal expectation that an individual will take the necessary actions to ensure that they act wisely and make reasonable decisions. For instance, this may include checking the title on a property prior to purchase or researching local zoning ordinances to determine whether future plans are in compliance.

With a knowledgeable real estate attorney in Philadelphia, PA, by your side, you can ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions and preventing avoidable mistakes.

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Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate Sales

If you have ever bought or sold a home, you’ll know it’s the most significant investment that you will ever make.

Not only can your real estate lawyer in Philadelphia negotiate the purchase or selling of your home, but we also help counsel you throughout the entire legal process. Whether you are purchasing a single-family home, townhome, condominium unit, or undeveloped lot, Stoner Law Offices, LLC is here to help you with your residential real estate purchase. From negotiating sales contracts and reviewing inspection reports to analyzing the settlement sheet and attending your home closing.

Our legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Purchasing and investing in property is a momentous occasion often accompanied by a high price tag and high risk.

Our experienced and well-versed real estate attorneys can guide you through this journey and ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible. We have years of competent real estate experience to help clients resolve potential real estate issues, eliminate illegal practices, and avoid negative consequences.

If you have any real estate law questions or inquiries, contact us today for your free consultation!


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