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Business lawyers provide legal advice to business owners and entities on a wide range of issues ranging from intellectual property rights and contracts to business transactions and taxation. Our business attorneys at Stoner Law Offices, LLC truly understand the sector inside and out, having previously served for in-house legal departments in a number of corporations. As such, the legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC has the necessary training and experience to effectively assist businesses in the prevention, navigation, and resolution of complex legal issues. For example, with our seasoned and knowledgeable business attorneys by your side, we can provide advice regarding your company's corporate compliance plan, including your business' structure, objectives, business operations, policies, and procedures. Moreover, we can help your business ensure that these laws and infraction outcomes are understood and followed. 

Continue reading to learn more about how our Philadelphia business lawyers can help you. Our experienced and well-versed legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC is here to help you improve your current business, navigate state rules and regulations, handle complicated legal documents, and prevent future unnecessary conflicts. If you have any questions, please reach out to us for your free consultation today!  

What Matters Can Business Lawyers Help You With?

By analyzing your business' needs and utilizing our business expertise and network, the Philadelphia business attorneys at Stoner Law, LLC can help you address a wide range of matters, such as: 

  • Forming a business
  • Licensing a business
  • Planning your business’ succession
  • Buy-Ins
  • Commercial litigation
  • Contract law
  • Financing
  • Franchising a business
  • General counsel for your business law needs
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Forming a nonprofit

The Philadelphia business attorneys at Stoner Law Offices, LLC are equipped with a broad range of skills and are here to help you with a wide variety of business-related matters. We are able to provide a plethora of legal services. Your business’s unique goals and needs will dictate the strategy that our legal team will craft for you. Whether your needs are more transactional in nature, such as drafting contacts or preparing tax filings, or require us to negotiate terms to reach a settlement agreement, the legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC is here for you. 

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Our legal team at Stoner Law Offices, LLC is committed to offering exceptional and transparent customer service to our clients. Contact us today! During your initial consultation, we can discuss your unique business needs and help you get started in navigating the complex business legal process. 

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